3d Max 2.5

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  • Create Date March 15, 2019
  • Last Updated March 13, 2020

3d Max 2.5

This is the install of 3d max 2.5 already set up for Starsiege. It has the vicon DTS exporter and also the bitmaps already included. Should be compatible with windows 7 and 10. As of March 2020 i have updated this install to include some of my scripts for making tanks and hercs. As well as all the tribes/ Starsiege shapes and models. Thanks to Matthew's converter we now have all the Starsiege Shapes in .obj format. You can access the instructional video for using the scripts to create tanks/hercs at HERE . The scripts are not fool proof and you may have to edit your IK settings on your herc. Please watch the full "Creating a Herc" video from this site. If you have any problems let us know in the Forums.

Below is the link to the updated version with the Scripts and an instructional Video!


The 47 mb is the origional

the 87 mg is designed for Starsiege


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