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If it’s not already apparent, the site is very much under construction, and will remain so as we are squeezing in updates between work on the actual mod and good old real life.

With that said, on the mod front, there’s four vehicles modeled and undergoing the animation and texture process. They are the Strider, the Apocalypse, the Adjudicator, and the Avenger.

Some planning documents have been created along with videos for the how-to-do stuff.

Additionally we’re working on upgraded texture methods and materials which will provide improved looks and effects.

We’re facing a lot of issues as we’re slowly resurrecting the old games in the updated Darkstar/Memstar version of Starsiege. I recently likened the process to software archaeology. It fits when discussing a game that is over 20 years old.

Since we’ve begun we’ve gotten most old tools to work or gotten new work-arounds to solve the issues. It’s been a challenge, and yet still is. It’s an on-going adventure.


oAo S-110

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