Wondering what this site is about?

It’s the home of a new mod for the classic Dynamix game, Starsiege. The mod is being created by myself (oAo S-110) and MiB Izzy. We’re both putting equal efforts into all stages of production. Between us we’ve got about 40 years experience modding Starsiege and other games (Yeah, we’re a couple old guys) .

The Starsiege Restoration Mod brings higher detail models, updated game-play, and new maps. It’s not all about simply upgrading the eye candy.

It intends to resurrect the vehicles from the older games in the series: Earthsiege and its Expansion Pack, Metaltech: Battledrome, Earthsiege 2, and as much of the collected concept art vehicles from Starsiege as possible. Additionally there will be some original creations added.

New weaponry and equipment, including a complete reworking of the originals are in the works. The balance has been carefully worked out however it will be extensively tested before release.

Where possible, new planet volumes will be added to allow for new terrain to battle your friends on.

New missions and upgraded versions of all the retail missions will be part of the mod. They will be retail style; that is you won’t see “the uber leaning tower of ramps and random shapes” in the missions we ship. The modding community has a long history of building those and need little help from the mod to do so.

Map types will include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Swarm, War, King of the Hill, and some others with standard libraries for each to help out the mapping community.

To make all this work, the mod requires a Memstar upgraded version of Starsiege. The new models are much too high a polygon count for the original engine to handle without it. With Memstar the terrain displays all the road and paving textures without terrain growth being an issue.

We’ve been getting very good progress so far, especially as the tools are twenty years old and we’re figuring things as we progress.


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